Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday....Thankful Edition

1.  I am thankful for a God who loves me and all that comes with it, His Holy Word, salvation, and my church family.

2. These four wonderful people that complete my immediate family.  I am so blessed with a husband who loves me and three amazing children that are growing so fast it makes me sad sometimes.

3. My job that fits into my schedule that lets me still be the mom that my children need.  Also the job my husband has that helps provide all our needs.

4. My home that keeps me sheltered from weather and my safe refuge when life gets tough.

5. Hugs.  There are nothing like hugs and snuggling.

6. Books.

7. The ability to go for a walk and enjoy the smell of someone doing their laundry as I pass by.  That smell always makes me happy.

8. Knitting and spinning.  The ability to make something with my hands.

9. Smiles.

10. Music.  I love to listen to music and it can be such a mood changer for me when I am stressed or angry.  Cranking up the iPod and rocking out is always a good way to remind me that most of the things we worry about are pretty petty and not of much consequence in the big scheme of things.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Spinning but Not Much Knitting

I didn't do a whole lot of knitting last week.  I really had intentions to finish up some languishing projects both knitting and spinning, but only the spinning ones actually got finished.  At least it was something.

412 yards of Superwash BFL from Wild Ivy.  I have plans to cast this on pretty soon.  I just have to finish those knitting projects.

370 yards of BFL/Silk from Woolgatherings, not sure what this is going to be yet.

Since the wheel was empty, I had to start a new spinning project.  This is Wild Ivy Superwash Merino.  I have trying for socks but will wait and see how it turns out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday Meets Mondo Cable Monday

This weeks Ten on Tuesday question was five sweater patterns that you love and five yarns you would want to knit them with.  I will admit that sweaters tend to scare me a little.  

So number one would have to be the Mondo Cable Pullover by Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits

This is my progress from two weeks ago.

Progress as of Sunday morning of this last weekend.  Look one of the sleeves are done.

Current progress.  I have finished the cable crosses and have started the second sleeve.

2. Twist by Bonne Marie Burn from Chic Knits, I am still working on this sweater but got frustrated when I knit the sleeves too long and had to rip it out.  After I finish the Mondo Cable I might try to finish it.

3. Peasy

Those are all Ravelry links.

Now the yarns I would like to knit them with.  

6.  The Mondo Cable Pulli is being knit with Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted

7.  Twist is being knit with Cascade 220

8.  Peasy I would like to use handspun in a bfl/silk or merino/silk blend

9. Birch Bark I think I would like to knit with handspun at some point as well

10.  I would like to knit the Tea Leaves Cardigan out of Malabrigo Rios

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Focus on Finishing

I have decided that this week will be focused on finishing up projects that I have been working on for too long.  I have taken pictures of all my projects that are included in this project and I plan on showing them off throughout the week.   Today, I am focusing on these two spinning projects that have taken too long.

This is Wild Ivy Superwash BFL.  I have a plan in the works for this yarn and I would like to get it to where I can use it.

I am about halfway through plying it. It will be a fingering to heavy laceweight 2 ply yarn when I am finished.

Yesterday, I finished spinning this bobbin of singles.  I plan to navajo ply it.  It is a 75/25 BFL silk blend from Woolgatherings.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

The question asked today was what are your 10 Favorite Side Dishes for the Thanksgiving.  To be honest I am not sure if I even have ten but here goes.

1.  Stuffing

2. Mashed Potatoes

3.  Sweet Potatoes with pecans and marshmallows

4. Creamed Corn, I attached a recipe so you know which one I am talking about.  Super yummy.

5. Rolls, preferably home made

6. Jello Salad, I like the one with jello, cottage cheese, whipped topping and pineapple

7. Veggie Tray,  usually consumed while waiting for dinner to get ready

8. Cranberry Sauce (I don't like it but we always have it).

9. Gravy

10.Olives and Pickles (another one I don't eat but we always have them).

Well, I guess I was able to squeak ten out after all.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Designer Crush on Susan Ashcroft

I think I might have a designer crush on Susan Ashcroft of Stitchnerds Designs.

She has managed to suck me in again.  I really tried to resist casting on but I have no willpower.  The pattern Little Waffles has been out for a while but I have just finally found the yarn that would be perfect for it.  I actually cast on in another yarn but decided it just wasn't right. I think this will be perfect and a little bit of a change from the massive amounts of stockinette in the Mondo Cable Pulli.

There are still other designs that I want to knit of hers.  Like this and this and this.  The this's could go on an on.  If you haven't knit one of her designs go cast one on.  They are great for handspun.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Mondo Cable Monday*

This is the where I was last week.

This is where I am this week.  I didn't get much done on it this week because I was trying to finish up some socks.  I did finish the pair from yesterday and I made progress on another pair that I will share later in the week.  I am hoping to finish this by Thanksgiving at the latest.  I would actually like to wear it to a program at the school this month.

*This is the same sweater, I swear.  The color is really hard to photograph.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I Got New Socks and A New Mug

These are my new socks.  The Simple Textured Socks in the K-State Colorway.

I also got a new mug this week.  It is from Pier 1 and I have used it a few times already.   This was its inaugural cup of hot cocoa that I used it for the day after I got it.  I am blaming this purchase on this post.