Monday, August 30, 2010

Is That a Pair of Finished Socks????

I finally finished one of the three pairs of socks that I cast on back in June.

Horcrux Socks
Yarn Colinette Jitterbug in Mardi Gras
Needles Knit Picks Options size 1.5
Started June 19, 2010
Finished August 19, 2010

This is my active sock project that was started at the same time as the finished pair.  I am sitting on the deck and  working on it this morning while Little Buddy is outside playing.  The yarn is Fleece Artist Cosmic Dawn.  I am using the Stansfield 196 pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Mess

That is what this shawl looks like right now.  I am on the 576 stitch rounds now.  I am done with the first of four repeats and then I just have the border.  I am really liking this project and I am already thinking about knitting a Girasole or a Shipwreck (ravelry links).

I also started this hat.  I am calling this project on my Ravelry page Hat I Wish I Didn't Have to Knit.  I am knitting a Shedir for my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week.  She has to have four months of chemotherapy and then surgery.  She could use lots of extra prayers right now.  I am knitting this out of Rowan Cashsoft.  I want to make her one more hat before I mail these off if anyone has another great pattern I would love to know.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anniversary Pi Shawl

Earlier this week was EZ's 100th birthday.  My friend AmandaCathleen (Ravelry ID) decided she was going to knit one of the Anniversary Shawls.  I decided to join in so we are doing a little KAL between  the two of us.  I can't remember which one she chose to do but I am doing the Camping version.  I frogged the Shetland Tea Shawl that I started over a year and a half ago and I am using that yarn.  It is Knit Picks Gloss Lace in Port which I think is no longer available.  I am using a size 5 needle.  I started this on her birthday but had to rip it out the next morning after I made some mistake that I couldn't seem to fix.  I have to admit I am not found of casting on circular shawls but I love how you just get to knit knit knit and not a lot of purling.  If I finish this without too much trouble and it I may try to knit one or both of the others.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Trucks and Trees

Just don't mix.

The night after the moving truck came and got all of our belongings we had a storm.  The tree fought the storm and the storm won.  I am sad that the tree fell.  This is the tree where we raked up leaves every fall and the kids played in them.  The tree that kept the swing set shaded and the one that we sat under and watched the kids play.

I didn't realize just how big that tree was.  The top of the tree reached all the way over to the other side of our breezeway.

The men in our neighborhood were amazing.  There were about six guys with chainsaws helping to get it moved so we could get out of the garage so we could leave for our move.  It only took them about 45 minutes to get it all cleared away.  I think the neighbors that we had are going to be one of the things I will miss the most about Minnesota.

The truck is totaled and I am thankful that no one was hurt when it fell.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Now Posting from Wamego, KS

Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been.  We have moved from Minnesota back to Kansas due to the husband being relocated.   I will save all that excitement for a later post.

On a knitting front (since technically this is a knitting blog), I do have a little to show.

First, I have an LYS that is not 40 minutes away!!!!!  It is right here in the town that we moved and it carries spinning fiber.  I am so excited.  

This is the bump of Merino/Silk blend that I picked up when I went to check out the store after a day of unpacking boxes.  

This is my current spinning project.  I am still working on the Chocolate Cherry Frabjous Fibers BFL  I have about three more feet of roving to spin.  I am going to do a two ply and hopefully make a Clapotis with it for winter.

Since most of the boxes are unpacked, I have found a little bit of knitting time.  I had started this before we moved but I made a mistake so I ripped it and started it over a couple of days ago.  It is the Traveling Woman and I am using some of my handspun that I had in my stash.  I am going to increase the repeats to 13 instead of 11 since I still have 81 grams of yarn.  I will probably do two repeats of chart A and one of chart B like the pattern calls for unless I have still have quite a bit of yarn after the first two repeats of chart A.