Monday, November 28, 2011

A Promise Kept

I told you I had a finished object and some new yarn to share yesterday, so I am keeping my promise to show it off. I finished the Noro Biased Scarf made from handspun Woolgatherings BFL.  It will be gift for my nephew's wife when they come to Kansas to visit for Christmas.

I finished the Woolgatherings October Fiber from the fiber club.  I got around 625 yards of a heavy laceweight to light fingering.  I love it.  The fiber was Polwarth/Silk blend and I don't think I could recommend it enough.  It was an amazing fiber to spin.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Four Projects and Three Days

I have four projects that are currently being worked on at the moment.  I have three days until the end of the month and I am curious to see how far I can get on them in the next three days.

In the left hand corner at the top is a Selbu Modern that I started a couple of weeks ago.  I am only about ten rows from being done with the chart so I am hoping to finish it in the next three days.  The Tiny Tea Leaves sweater needs one button band, the sleeves and the buttons sewn on.  I would like to finish a sleeve.  I have two pairs of socks on the needles.  The pink and yellow ones were started in August right after we moved to our new house, when I hadn't knit for a week and I was getting kind of crabby so I cast on a vanilla pair of socks.  I still haven't finished the first one.  The second pair of socks is the Hermione Everyday socks, I am knitting these for someone to give to their mom at Christmas.   They need to be done in the next couple weeks.  I would like to at least get the heel turned and all the gusset stitches decreased before the end of the month.

I have an FO and new handspun to share next time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I made one of my goals that I set this year.  I have knit 12 pairs of socks.  I probably won't finish my other goals but I completed one.  I will probably finish a couple of more pairs before the end of the year.


Pattern: Petunia Dursley Double Eyelet Socks
Yarn: Handspun UrbanGypz in Mr. Blinky
Needles: 1.5 KnitPicks Options circulars
Started: October 14, 2011
Finished: November 15, 2011

I love love love this pattern.  It is very easy to remember and goes pretty fast.  The yarn was a joy to knit with and spin.  I think these will be one of my favorite pairs to wear.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

If Only.....

I had more hands and time, I would be able to stitch, knit, and spin at the same time.  I guess I could use more hands for laundry and dishes.

My daughters took a cross stitch class at our local library and it inspired me to get some of my projects out and get working again.  This one I actually just picked up recently on sale to make for Little Buddy.

These next two are LONG term projects.  I love these designs because when you are finished the shading makes it look like a painting.  I would like to have one of them finished by January 1, 2013.  I am using aida 22 count for this one.

This one I started a few years ago and I decided to pick it up again.  I am using 28 count evenweave for this one and I am doing it "over 1".  I wanted to post pictures so I could see how far I have gotten periodically.