Friday, July 20, 2007

The Adventure is Over!!!

Well, our Horcrux sock adventure is over. I completed the last sock last night. They are a little small but I like my socks to be snug but I probably should have added a few more rounds. I like them though. They were the first pair I started for Summer of Socks 2007. They were started June 21, 2007 and finished July 19, 2007. I used Fleece Artist Tiger yarn. It was a little splitty but not too incredibly bad

Of course I had to start another pair. I have decided I do better with two pairs on the needles at a time. If I don't want to work on one I work on the other. I started the Victorian Lace Six Sox today. I am way behind but at least I got this pair started before the two months were over this time. This pair has also confirmed for me that I don't like bamboo needles. I knit too tightly and the tips just are sharp enough. I am off to work on my socks.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Adventure reaches a Standstill!!!!

I am so excited that I have finally finished the hubby's socks. He says that it took me forever. I had seriously started to believe that this yarn might be cursed. It took several froggings and I even frogged one after the heel turn because I didn't like them. Thanks again Linda for the advice. Here they are in all there glory. They were started June 28, 2007 and finished July 17, 2007. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in the Slate Colorway.

I have restarted the socks again for my sister in law. I frogged them when I frogged the hubby's sock. I cast them on again last night and I have the ribbing done. I will be working on them later this afternoon some more.

Last but not least, the Horcrux sock adventure is almost over. The little sock hasn't been doing anything exciting because I have been working the hubby's sock. I hope that it goes on a couple more adventures before they are finished. They will go on lots when they are on my feet.

Happy Knitting!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Adventure Continues!!!!

The adventure continues as Horcrux 2 is drying onions in the dehydrator. The breezeway reeks of onion right now but it is really neat to cook all winter with the dried onions from the garden.

Our little socky decided that it wanted to pull weeds but the absent minded knitter thought that wasn't such a good idea. After all Horcrux 2 is a hand knit sock and doesn't belong in the dirt. She did let sock get its picture taken with all the weeds that we finally got out of the garden. Note to absent minded knitter remind husband to weed while she is gone!!!!!!

Horcrux 2 wanted to show you all the onions, so socky posed with one for everyone's enjoyment. The absent minded knitter planted 138 onion sets this year.

And last but not least, by any means, is the non weeding husbands sock. I was starting to think that this project was DOOMED!!!! I had the hardest time with this pair. I had decided that I hated this yarn too, but alas I have changed my mind. It is in Cherry Tree Hill in Slate that I purchased from the Loopy Ewe. The second one was cast on this morning. I am hoping to finish before the anniversary later this week.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

On This Episode of the Horcrux Adventure

Well, it seemed like this little Horcrux sock in the works was going on reasonably well. Last night, our little addition to the sock world watched Princess Stinkerbug and the Punkin light some fireworks that were reasonably safe for children.

Then the little sock did a bit of grilling because you have to grill on the 4th right???

Got a good nights sleep. The little sock just loved the Sleep Number Bed and pillow. I think it was set on 45.

Went on a trip to the Tractor Supply, hubby forgot something and the batteries were dead in the camera because the absent minded knitter left the camera on all afternoon.

And then tragedy struck, the absent minded knitter threw in an extra yarn over on the first round of the pattern. The absent minded knitter tends to knit a little tight and therefore it is difficult for her to get ribbing back on the needles if she rips part of it out. So the little sock had surgery.

Stayed tuned for the next episode of Horcrux Adventure. Will the little sock get back on the needles???? Will its twin end up a lonely sock a la Sheri??? Will the absent minded knitter ever work on that baby blanket???? Who knows????

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An Adventure Begins!!!!

First, I want to say Happy 4th of July. Second, I want to show you what has been happening in the way of knitting around here. I haven't been knitting a large amount but I have been reading some. After many false starts and a moment when I had to ask my knitting guru Linda if I was crazy for frogging a sock that was two thirds done, I think I have gotten Brett's sock to a point where I am happy with it and won't be frogging again. I am even starting to like the yarn.

Hi, I am the second Horcrux sock in the pair. My knitter thought that the other one was getting lonely so she cast on for me this morning. She is into the pattern, barely, but she has been busy taking me on an adventure that she will share with you over the next few days. It is the Horcrux Adventure so please stay tuned.

I am making a little progress on the baby blanket. It is going to need some serious attention in the very near future.

Happy Knitting