Friday, July 20, 2007

The Adventure is Over!!!

Well, our Horcrux sock adventure is over. I completed the last sock last night. They are a little small but I like my socks to be snug but I probably should have added a few more rounds. I like them though. They were the first pair I started for Summer of Socks 2007. They were started June 21, 2007 and finished July 19, 2007. I used Fleece Artist Tiger yarn. It was a little splitty but not too incredibly bad

Of course I had to start another pair. I have decided I do better with two pairs on the needles at a time. If I don't want to work on one I work on the other. I started the Victorian Lace Six Sox today. I am way behind but at least I got this pair started before the two months were over this time. This pair has also confirmed for me that I don't like bamboo needles. I knit too tightly and the tips just are sharp enough. I am off to work on my socks.

Happy Knitting


Guinifer said...

Those are some shiny and lethal lookin' needles. They must be Knitpicks.

Janice said...

Congratulations on finishing those socks!! They look great. I love the colors! I like the idea of having two socks on the needles for variety. Think I'll cast on another pair tonight!! :-)

Linda said...

Yeah!! Mine went through the wash yet again today. I wear them all the time.

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed knitting the Horcrux Socks and will probably knit a second pair, too!