Monday, July 09, 2007

The Adventure Continues!!!!

The adventure continues as Horcrux 2 is drying onions in the dehydrator. The breezeway reeks of onion right now but it is really neat to cook all winter with the dried onions from the garden.

Our little socky decided that it wanted to pull weeds but the absent minded knitter thought that wasn't such a good idea. After all Horcrux 2 is a hand knit sock and doesn't belong in the dirt. She did let sock get its picture taken with all the weeds that we finally got out of the garden. Note to absent minded knitter remind husband to weed while she is gone!!!!!!

Horcrux 2 wanted to show you all the onions, so socky posed with one for everyone's enjoyment. The absent minded knitter planted 138 onion sets this year.

And last but not least, by any means, is the non weeding husbands sock. I was starting to think that this project was DOOMED!!!! I had the hardest time with this pair. I had decided that I hated this yarn too, but alas I have changed my mind. It is in Cherry Tree Hill in Slate that I purchased from the Loopy Ewe. The second one was cast on this morning. I am hoping to finish before the anniversary later this week.


Janice said...

Wow! Such an adventure this partially knit sock is having!! Imagine the place it will go and the adventures it will have when it's finished and on your happy feet!!

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!

amanda cathleen said...

Your sock looks like its having fun on its adventures (sock, weeding isn't fun, trust me!) I love the colors in the yarn! did you dye that yourself?