Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Spin of Things

I have a wonderful job with wonderful coworkers here in the town where we live.  I work in food service at in the district.  This week it is back to work for us. We had training on Tuesday, staff meeting and opening kitchens on Wednesday and today was just getting minor details accomplished before school starts next Tuesday.

The last two summers I thought I would have all this time to get lots of spinning accomplished.  SO NOT TRUE!!!  I really have good intentions but I just don't seem to produce the amount of yarn I want to produce each summer.  The above skein is the whole of what I did in July, just one skein of yarn.  I admit that it is beautiful but it just doesn't seem like much for a whole month.  It is FatCatKnits November Mythology in Arachne on a Panda Blend.

This was the last yarn that I completed in June.  It sat on my niddy noddy for most of July.  I just finally got around to washing it last week. It is Finn that I dyed with some Black Cherry Kool-Aid.

I did get a chance to spin the other day while the kids were swimming.  I just stayed at the top of the stairs and spun while they swam.  I am spinning Frabjous Fiber BFL in Spilled Ink.  It is such a pretty color and I would love to spin it in a silk blend one day.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Very Bright Socks

I finished my Neon Rainbow Socks.  I have decided that I tend to just knit boring k3p1 socks.  I think that I am okay with that.  They fit my feet well and they are easy to remember how to do them.   This yarn is from Desert Vista Dyeworks and her yarns are some of my favorites.

Here again is a k3p1 sock.  I am using Knit One Crochet 2 yarn.  I think this is the Tropicale color. I am using size 0 Hiya Hiya sharps and knitting magic loop.