Sunday, October 26, 2008

U is for

Upon. That would be that fall is upon us. It is windy as all get out here today and chilly. This tree is now pretty bare since the wind blew all the leaves off of it. It is such a pretty tree in the fall and I enjoy seeing it change every year.

Knitting has been pretty sparse around here lately. I have been spinning some but the knitting is taking a bit of a back seat. I am not sure if it is due to the pattern or the yarn. I might just be suffering from sock burnout. It seems that is all I have knit this year. I am enjoying the shawl project but not making much progress as the rows get longer and longer. My friend Linda summed it up pretty good when she said those triangle shawls suck you in with those shorter rows in the beginning. I really think that it will be very pretty when it is done though.

We had a sighting of the Tooth Fairy last night. Punkinbug lost her second tooth last night. The first one she lost at school and didn't tell anyone so it got lost somewhere. She was pretty excited this morning when her tooth was gone and there was a dollar bill in its place. I don't remember getting that much for a tooth. Must have something to do with the economy or inflation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Socks by 2, Shawl, and Something about Shoes

There is a very happy little girl in my house. She is wearing her very first pair of handmade socks. Mommy made her a pair since she has been wanting a pair for a long time. I think I got them pretty close to matching. She really likes them. She was telling everyone at school today about them. It is really exciting to have somebody appreciate your knitting.

My friend, Linda, bought some of the dreaded Noro Sock Yarn. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said socks. I told her "Good Luck" with that. I guess she inspired me to try to use mine again. I am not a fan of toe up socks. I don't know how to to the heels very well but, I am giving it a go again. This is the Anastasia pattern from Ravelry. Yes, Linda, I am being a copy cat. I didn't have too much trouble with the toe but we shall see how the heel goes. If anyone knows some place I can look online to find out how to do a heel flap for a toe up sock let me know. I never like how my short row heels turn out.

I am really enjoying this shawl pattern. I am on the seventh repeat I think. I am not sure how many repeats I will end up doing. I am not really sure how big I want it yet. I know that I am constantly looking for triangular shawl patterns on Ravelry. I have decided that I like shawls that have repeats that I can memorize.

I am really impressed with this little girl. This little girl learned to tie her shoes yesterday. I only had to show her twice how to do it and she was off to the races. She even tied her own shoes for school this morning, which gave me time to get Little Buddy ready to go. Now if I can only get him potty trained.

Bye for now, the knitting is calling to me.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ranting and Knitting

I am going to rant about things that are really making me angry for a bit and the knitting is at the end of this post. I promise there is a FO. I am not trying to cause a rucus or anything, these are just my views and I wanted to put them out there.

1. I am sick and tired of mud slinging campaigns. I don't want to hear in commercials what is wrong with the other guy I want to know what you are going to do to fix the problem.

2. If you run for President and you lose, resign your Senate seat.

3. If you are running for office, vote on the bills and laws that are being voted on in the Senate. The people that put you there did so they could be heard. It is your job to do what the people put you there to do. Yes, that means you will have to be responsible for how you vote during the campaign, and you might have to defend it. DUH!!!!

4. When you are in a debate, quit avoiding the question and answer the question. That is the purpose for debates so the public knows what you are going to do instead of just dancing around the subject or changing the subject all together.

Okay I am done ranting for the moment.

I have a finished object. These are my Spring Forward Socks. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Hot Flash in the lightweight Socks that Rock. This color is on hiatus for a bit.

What do you do at 12:30 in the morning and you can't sleep. You get up and cast on a project is what you do. I cast this on after I ripped out my Secret of the Stole 3 project. Life is too short to knit stuff you don't really like. I am really enjoying this shawl. It is the Kiri Shawl that I found on Ravelry. I am using some KnitPicks Gloss Laceweight for it.

Punkin has been wanting a pair of socks for a while so I cast on a pair of ankle socks for her yesterday. I am almost done with the heel flap on the first one and hope to work on it some today if I get a chance.