Sunday, October 26, 2008

U is for

Upon. That would be that fall is upon us. It is windy as all get out here today and chilly. This tree is now pretty bare since the wind blew all the leaves off of it. It is such a pretty tree in the fall and I enjoy seeing it change every year.

Knitting has been pretty sparse around here lately. I have been spinning some but the knitting is taking a bit of a back seat. I am not sure if it is due to the pattern or the yarn. I might just be suffering from sock burnout. It seems that is all I have knit this year. I am enjoying the shawl project but not making much progress as the rows get longer and longer. My friend Linda summed it up pretty good when she said those triangle shawls suck you in with those shorter rows in the beginning. I really think that it will be very pretty when it is done though.

We had a sighting of the Tooth Fairy last night. Punkinbug lost her second tooth last night. The first one she lost at school and didn't tell anyone so it got lost somewhere. She was pretty excited this morning when her tooth was gone and there was a dollar bill in its place. I don't remember getting that much for a tooth. Must have something to do with the economy or inflation.


trek said...

Yay for the Tooth Fairy.

PS - I got 10¢ for my first tooth.

Guinifer said...

Yea - I think our tooth fairy came from an elitist neighborhood 'cause he's a generous soul.

Anonymous said...

such a sweet toothy grin! beautiful sock too. I think this has to be the prettiest fall ever. The leaves where fantastic this year!

tonni said...

Ha! My teeth were worth a quarter :) Unless we were at grandma's house, then they were worth a silver dollar -- which was recycled each time when grandmas said she'd keep it for us!