Friday, August 18, 2006


I have heard so many people on KH talk about how wonderful Malabrigo Yarn is. I am converted. I could only afford one hank so I don't quite know what I am going to do with it though. It is called Rainforest. I am so excited to knit something with it. I also go some sock yarn and a skein of Crystal Palace Bunny Hop to make little Ben some socks too.

The other picture is of my clogs in process. I have one almost done have to seam it up and knit the two soles together and I will have one done. I won't let myself use the Mmmmmalabrigo until I finish these. I am thinking a scarf or hat. I would like to try a mobieus scarf maybe.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Finally MY feet will be warm

Well it is cloudy here today and not good for taking pictures but I am FINALLY making myself a pair of FT Felted Clogs. I am making them in Wool of the Andes Cloud and Hollyberry. I started them around Christmas time but messed them up and had to frog them and they just didn't seem right to me. Now they are fine. I am almost done with the top on the first one. It is so amazing how they turn into clogs. I will try to post a picture of them soon.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Not much knitting going on!!!

Haven't been doing much knitting but did complete a swatch for the August KAL on KH. I knit a small swatch english style. I am a continental knitter and it was really awkward but I was determined to finish it. I took the kids to the library and playground yesterday. Other than that just doing normal stay at home mom things.

Observation: It really hurts when you bump your arm on the inside of the oven door when you take out the pizza.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I Kind of Designed Something

I had a pattern for a smocked dishcloth that I found on Dishcloth Boutique, I think, but when I went to knit the washcloth I noticed that it wasn't centered. I am kind of a stickler about things being centered like some other people are so I tweaked it a little and changed a couple of things and it turned out like this. I am pretty proud of myself since I am usually a by the pattern kind of knitter.

Observation of the Day: Why is it when you are in hurry or not sure where you are going you find road construction????????

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Didn't Knit A Stitch but I Played with Food

Well I didn't get a single stitch of knitting done yesterday. I know that is a horrible thing to realize if you are a knitter. I did get a chance to get out of the house and go grocery shopping (OH JOY). Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I went out to check the garden to see if we had any ripe tomatoes. I had 31. So I ended up spending my knitting time making salsa. I only got four measly pints out of the batch that I made but the recipe only said five and I didn't have all the peppers that it called for anyway. My husband said it was the best salsa I had made so far. I just wish I could make more at a time. It sure is a lot of work for the little return that you get especially if your husband eats salsa as fast as mine does. The other picture is of a tomato that my daughter pointed out had a smiley face so I took two ends off some of the jalapenos I used and put them on for eyes.

My Sunday observation--Why is it when you go to the bank to do a small transaction (like paying the mortgage) you get stuck behind the person that needs more help than the poor teller can give them. I think the person in front of me yesterday was trying to take over the silly thing they took so long.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Of Scarves and Socks

My projects that I have been working on lately for the most part is a pair of pretty simple socks and a scarf cowl . I found the Michelles Basic Sock pattern on Knitting Pattern Central and the scarf I found on the Knitpicks website.

I have also decided to add an observation everyday. So Saturday's observation is this: Never take away TV privledges from your kids without thinking it through clearly. It is amazing how that little bit of time they get to watch TV sometimes can be a break for a mom.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

A Blogging I Will Go (Maybe)

Well here I go I think. I am trying out a knitting and stitching blog with whatever else happens to me thrown in. It should be an interesting adventure.