Saturday, August 12, 2006

Not much knitting going on!!!

Haven't been doing much knitting but did complete a swatch for the August KAL on KH. I knit a small swatch english style. I am a continental knitter and it was really awkward but I was determined to finish it. I took the kids to the library and playground yesterday. Other than that just doing normal stay at home mom things.

Observation: It really hurts when you bump your arm on the inside of the oven door when you take out the pizza.

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Whimsical Knitting said...

WTG with the English knitting. You know, I completely forgot about the Aug. knitalong! I already know how to knit both English and Cont, I wanted to try combined, but haven't! oops!
LOL, I must agree with your observation. My observation for today is..When you really need to talk with your dr. you can't get through on the phone!