Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Whoever thought that the beginning of a new school year would be running a mom of three ragged. It seems like all I do is get kids up for school and make sure they are being read to and making the six year olds lunch. Cheese or peanut butter and jelly?

I have been doing some knitting and even a little stitching (Yes Stitching, it has been awhile). I am almost done with two projects, MY socks and MY slippers. I am finally making things for myself but I still find things I want to make for others. Better to give than receive. I wish sometimes people would give me sock yarn and Malabrigo. I can't believe how wonderful that feels to touch.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gone but Not Forgotten

I have been gone on vacation but the knitting was not forgotten. I actually finished a scarf I was working on. I just have to block and seam it together and then I will post pictures. I also worked on my second sock and I am just about done turning the heel. Yippee!!!!!!! I also read two books while I was gone which was nice since reading is something I don't get to do much of lately. I am really feeling the urge to do some cross stitching so I dug out one of my small projects to finish. Maybe if I motivate myself to finish it I will post a picture of it.

Thought for the day:Why do I always feel that I have to start a new project???? I wish I was one of those people that could stick with something and finish it but something else is always calling my name.