Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Sock Finished, A Sock Frogged

I finished the first Horcrux sock today. I am very happy with the change that I made and it is a good fit. It is a bit snug so if I was ever to knit them again I might go with the 70 stitches but it is fine for me this time. I am also pleased with how the Kitchner stitch on the toe turned out. I also finished it in six days which is a new record for me. Woo Hoo!!!!!

I had to frog my hubby's sock. It was just too tight. The sock stood up all by itself without a foot in it. Needless to say, it has drowned but is now resurfacing at the top of the pond since I cast it on again and have knitted five rows on the ribbing. I think I will be much happier with it and my hands won't hurt as I knit it either.

I have also done one repeat on the baby blanket so only nine to go before Friday. I haven't worked on the Mad Color Weave sock. I am pondering ripping it out since it has some mistakes and has the same kind of heel that I changed on the Horcrux sock. I will ponder it a little further before I decide.

Happy Knitting

Monday, June 25, 2007

What A Way to Start a Monday Morning

No noise, knitting and coffee just seem to go together, as long as you don't spill coffee on whatever it is you are knitting. I was able to work on my Horcrux sock some more this morning. I know that it looks like I ripped some out and had to make a change that is better for me. I am so proud of myself for realizing that I didn't like the heel in the pattern and then changing it to suit me. I am usually a little freakish when it comes to following patterns. I guess I expect the Knitting Police to show up and come get me. It is kind of a liberating feeling when you realize that you can change it.

I am also amending my things to get accomplished by Friday by adding ten repeats to the baby blanket I am working on.

Happy Knitting

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sock Stash Enhancement and Progress

When I went on my trip, I was on a mission to find three sock yarns that I wanted to try. I found two of the three. I found Mountain Colors Bearfoot and some Colinette Jitterbug. The one on the left and the third one over are the Mountain Colors and the Jitterbug is between them. The other hank of sock yarn is some beautiful J Knits, in the Alaska colorway, a gift from my friend Linda.

I have found myself in a position where I feel the need to finish up some socks that I have on the needles. I have three pairs going and that is a little too much for me. They are all three in the post heel turn stage so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to try to complete all three socks this week. So by Friday of this next week I hope to have three completed socks to show everyone. I will still have to make the mates for all three pairs though. The first one here is the Mad Color Weave sock for my wonderful sister in law.

The second sock I have here is the pair for my wonderful husband. I actually worked on it a little today so I am making some more progress.

The third sock I have here is my first sock in the Summer of Socks. I have completed decreasing the gusset and now I am just working on the foot. I hope to finish this one this weekend. The fastest I have ever made a single sock is a week. I think I can beat it with this one.

Since I haven't shared a picture of Marshmallow Thief lately, I thought I would throw one in. He is growing so fast. He is almost 17 months old. It just doesn't seem possible.

Happy Knitting

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer of Socks Begins!!!!

I am one of the many participants of Summer of Socks this year. I am really excited about it because I am excited to see how many pairs of socks I can start and finish in a season. I cast on the first pair today. I am knitting the Horcrux Socks. I am using some Fleece Artist in Tiger. I am really enjoying the pattern and I am already about a quarter of the way through the leg. I hope to turn the heel today but I am not making any promises.

I have also started Teacher blanket #2. This blanket is for Princess Stinkerbug's teacher. She is due sometime next month. I am using a pattern called Cables and Crowns. The yarn is some Caron Simply Soft Brite in Lemonade. It is going rather well, not nearly as frustrating as the last one I did.

I will get to taking pictures of my vacation yarn acquistions soon I hope. I bought some really beautiful yarn. I have to show it off.

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Call Me Toolbelt Diva!!!!!

Watch out Toolbelt Diva here comes Robin. I made my own yarn swift today. I am so excited. I found a pattern at this blog. I have built things before but this is so neat and I loved using it for the first time.

Here is the first hank of yarn that I wound up with it. It is some Lorna's Laces in Shadow. I got it from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe.

Here is the sock that I am working on now. It is in Socks That Rock Chapman Springs. I love this yarn. It is incredible. The picture isn't very good since the light was not great but I will post another picture soon.

Next time I will share the adventures that I had on my vacation. I didn't take pictures but I did acquire some yarn. Surprised???? Probably not huh???

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It is Finished!!!!!

I finished the baby blanket last night. I wove in the ends this morning. It took a journey down to the school where the expectant mother was working diligently to get her room finished up for the end of the year. It is now in her hands. I think she really appreciated it. I deleted the whole picture of it that I took for some stupid reason so this is just the close up of the stitches. I need to make one more blanket but I have decided that I won't start it until I get back from visiting family in Kansas.

I just cast on a pair of socks in STR Chapman Springs. This yarn is AWESOME!!!!!! I am loving knitting with it. I will see what kind of progress I make on them this evening and if there is enough I will post a picture before I leave tomorrow morning. If now I will see you all when I get back.

Happy Knitting!!!