Saturday, December 23, 2006

Parting of the Ways!!!!!

I have decided that the Pomatamus sock had to say bye bye for now. I might try them again but for now they are history. I started a new pair on two circs and I shall see how it goes. The figure 8 cast on looks a little weird but unless I screw up somewhere else really royally I am not taking it out. We will call it a design feature for now.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What to Do During Naptime?????

Well, this is what we did during Ben's naptime today. We put up our Christmas tree!!!! I know I am little behind most people but I was concerned with Ben trying to pull it down on him and while that may still happen I couldn't let my girls down. Elisabeth informed me the other day that "We are the only ones not getting ready for Christmas". Our town really does it up for Christmas. The lights start going up right after Halloween. It is so neat to see the little town where we live lit up for the holidays. I do have to admit putting up the tree made me a little sad. I firmly believe that you need to listen to Christmas music while you are putting up your tree. We were listening to an Amy Grant Christmas album with I'll Be Home for Christmas on it and it occured to me that I won't be "home" for Christmas. This year we are staying in Minnesota and not traveling back to see our families in Kansas. I am looking forward to starting traditions with our family but will miss the extended family get togethers.

On the knitting front, I working on various projects at once and not making any outstanding progress that warrants a picture just yet. I did start a sweater for Elisabeth maybe I will finish by Christmas but probably not.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Read the Directions Dummy!!!!!

What happens when you don't read the directions????? Your sock that you were working on has to be frogged and started over. Sad to say my Pomatomas (sp) sock is just a ball of yarn at this point. I noticed that I was doing the knit two together's wrong. There were some wonky (love that word) stitches too, so I decided to frog it and start over when my size 2 KnitPicks Options DPN's get here. Hopefully tomorrow.