Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Didn't Knit A Stitch but I Played with Food

Well I didn't get a single stitch of knitting done yesterday. I know that is a horrible thing to realize if you are a knitter. I did get a chance to get out of the house and go grocery shopping (OH JOY). Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I went out to check the garden to see if we had any ripe tomatoes. I had 31. So I ended up spending my knitting time making salsa. I only got four measly pints out of the batch that I made but the recipe only said five and I didn't have all the peppers that it called for anyway. My husband said it was the best salsa I had made so far. I just wish I could make more at a time. It sure is a lot of work for the little return that you get especially if your husband eats salsa as fast as mine does. The other picture is of a tomato that my daughter pointed out had a smiley face so I took two ends off some of the jalapenos I used and put them on for eyes.

My Sunday observation--Why is it when you go to the bank to do a small transaction (like paying the mortgage) you get stuck behind the person that needs more help than the poor teller can give them. I think the person in front of me yesterday was trying to take over the silly thing they took so long.

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