Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Adventure reaches a Standstill!!!!

I am so excited that I have finally finished the hubby's socks. He says that it took me forever. I had seriously started to believe that this yarn might be cursed. It took several froggings and I even frogged one after the heel turn because I didn't like them. Thanks again Linda for the advice. Here they are in all there glory. They were started June 28, 2007 and finished July 17, 2007. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in the Slate Colorway.

I have restarted the socks again for my sister in law. I frogged them when I frogged the hubby's sock. I cast them on again last night and I have the ribbing done. I will be working on them later this afternoon some more.

Last but not least, the Horcrux sock adventure is almost over. The little sock hasn't been doing anything exciting because I have been working the hubby's sock. I hope that it goes on a couple more adventures before they are finished. They will go on lots when they are on my feet.

Happy Knitting!!!


Linda said...

Aren't FO's grand??

Janice said...

Boy, lots of sock knitting (and sock frogging) going on at your place this summer :-) Your hubby's socks look great. And I don't think they took THAT long (my first sock took me over 6 months.. everything is relative!)