Thursday, July 05, 2007

On This Episode of the Horcrux Adventure

Well, it seemed like this little Horcrux sock in the works was going on reasonably well. Last night, our little addition to the sock world watched Princess Stinkerbug and the Punkin light some fireworks that were reasonably safe for children.

Then the little sock did a bit of grilling because you have to grill on the 4th right???

Got a good nights sleep. The little sock just loved the Sleep Number Bed and pillow. I think it was set on 45.

Went on a trip to the Tractor Supply, hubby forgot something and the batteries were dead in the camera because the absent minded knitter left the camera on all afternoon.

And then tragedy struck, the absent minded knitter threw in an extra yarn over on the first round of the pattern. The absent minded knitter tends to knit a little tight and therefore it is difficult for her to get ribbing back on the needles if she rips part of it out. So the little sock had surgery.

Stayed tuned for the next episode of Horcrux Adventure. Will the little sock get back on the needles???? Will its twin end up a lonely sock a la Sheri??? Will the absent minded knitter ever work on that baby blanket???? Who knows????

Happy Knitting

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