Sunday, November 10, 2013

Designer Crush on Susan Ashcroft

I think I might have a designer crush on Susan Ashcroft of Stitchnerds Designs.

She has managed to suck me in again.  I really tried to resist casting on but I have no willpower.  The pattern Little Waffles has been out for a while but I have just finally found the yarn that would be perfect for it.  I actually cast on in another yarn but decided it just wasn't right. I think this will be perfect and a little bit of a change from the massive amounts of stockinette in the Mondo Cable Pulli.

There are still other designs that I want to knit of hers.  Like this and this and this.  The this's could go on an on.  If you haven't knit one of her designs go cast one on.  They are great for handspun.

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