Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Project Revisited and the Marshmallow Thief Makes an Appearance

Since school is starting next week, I decided to see if I could finish this baby blanket. It is for Miss I Cut the Yarn's teacher. She doesn't go back to preschool technically until September 10th so I have a little extra time. I have made one in nine days so I think I can do it if I can stay away from sock knitting and searching for sock yarn.

This is the sock that she cut the yarn on. I switched to my Addi Turbo's (the only ones I have) to finish it. It is not nearly as splitty since I switched. I think I may actually make the other hank of the yarn into socks also. We shall see. I turned the heel last night and this morning I picked up all the gusset stitches and I am working on the decreases now.

I also thought I would show a picture of the Marshmallow Thief. It has been awhile since he made an appearance. He is growing so fast. He has learned to say Yeah and ball. He likes to wander around the house aimlessly. I think he does it just because he can walk and tends to take after his dad that he can't seem to stay still for long. He was pretty tired in this picture, he is so quick now that it is hard for me to get a good picture. I think I might need a new camera.

I have also started working out again. It is just a start but hopefully I will keep it up. I am doing the Walk Away the Pounds videos. I am also throwing in some Core Secrets with it too hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Not sure you can stay away from sock yarn shopping seeing as you try to get others to hunt for you too.

Guinifer said...

Fast kids are always a good reason for a new camera!!

trek said...

Thanks for the commiseration! I am thinking about doing a little something fun after lunch with the Neatnik. Still deciding what it should be, though!

Janice said...

Glad the yarn is turning out ok after your initial disappointment!! that is such a bummer! the sock looks great! Congratulations on starting to work out.. I so need to do that as well!!

amanda cathleen said...

hope you are able to rescue your sock! The colors are magnificent. I have 2 hanks of perchance to knit in my stash, both are a different base yarn.