Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dishcloths are so Cool

I have to admit that I love to knit dishcloths. They make me happy when I use them (yes I do use them and then when they are worn out I throw them in the trash and make more) to wipe counters and wash dishes. My daughters have been known to use them for little baby blankets. I knit these two in the last couple of days. I used one ball of yarn for both of them and I even had a "little" bit left.

This is some pretty sock yarn that I got from the Simply Socks Yarn Company small indie dyer sock club. It is Sleeping Dragon in the Ramble colorway. I can't wait to knit it but it is farther down the list.

Happy knitting


Janice said...

I love the quickness of a dishcloth. To have a completed project in hours instead of days or even weeks is quite satisfying!! Love the new sock yarn!

Linda said...

So - that's just a little short row circle? Those are the *cutest* little dishcloths.

Caroline said...

I'm going to have to remind myself that I have enough sock yarn to last me for at least the rest of the year before I read your blog. I went to the Simply Socks Yarn Co. link and was so tempted. How would have ever thought that there would be businesses devoted soley to sock yarn!