Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warning Rant Ahead!!!!!!

Well, my not so secret project had a mishap, I had to rip it out. I was almost through with the leg on my beautiful Fall Sock Club package from the Loopy Ewe when I discovered a mistake. No one would have probably noticed but it was bugging me so I tried to fix it. Unfortunately, that didn't work. So it is in the bottom of the frog pond until I feel the need to cast them on again. This sock that I am knitting fighting now is out of Perchance to Knit yarn in the Pond colorway. I am not impressed with this yarn at all. I find it very splitty and not very soft but the colors are gorgeous. It might just be that I knit tight and I am knitting with the wickedest needles in the United States. I love my Options though. I just need to loosen up I guess. I am using a pattern out of the Sensational Knitted Sock Book.

My Canning Law says that if you have 66 ripe tomatoes (yes I counted them) and only five pint jars you probably need to buy more jars right???? Guess what??? The grocery store and the hardware store are both out. Also I called another store to see if they had some and they never called me back. Grrrrrrr. I highly frustrated at this point and on top of that the Stinkerbug daughter is throwing a fit about something because her sister made her mad.


Linda said...

You need big dogs. A few minutes of tug and you'll just start lobbing those tomatos (gently, so they just make a mess but don't hurt) at Stinkerbug and feel all better.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Stinkerbug is too angelic to cause any problems. It runs in the family:>

Janice said...

Hopefully things will look up soon! Don't you hate having to FROG? I seem to be doing more and more of it these days!! I think because I always use to knit things to felt and mistakes didn't matter.... Hope you found some canning jars! I have some you could have, but it's a bit of a drive ;-)