Monday, August 27, 2007

A No Pictures Post

I have learned a big lesson. Never buy more than one hank of sock yarn from a company until you decide if you like it or not. I have two hanks of the Perchance to Knit and I am pretty disgusted with it. It did not help that my daughter cut it either. I am so tempted to swap with someone if they are interested. I know that the sock fits so far, I am just really unhappy with the yarn splitting so much.

I was able to find jars. Dh picked them up for me at the Wal-Mart in the town where he works. I have 27 jars of salsa canned so far this year plus I have about 50 more tomatoes that are ripe that I need to turn into something else.

Happy Knitting


Guinifer said...

Have you tried using bamboo needles? Sometimes that helps with the splitty yarns.

Linda said...

She CUT it? Oh my.

Hang in there....