Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday--Library Edition

First I have been knitting just not very fast so hopefully I will have a good knitting post up soon.

Ten Reason to use the Public Library

1. It is cheap.  (unless you have late fees)

2. I don't have to store all the books that I read from there.

3. E-Books I can get books for my e reader through the state library.

4.  Inter library loan.  If they don't have it.  They can get it.

5. Story time.  NaNa at our library is awesome.

6. Mini classes for kids. The girls are taking sewing right now.

7. Movies to check out.

8.  Don't have buyers remorse if you read a book that sucks and think you wasted your money.

9.  Librarians are super neat people.

10.  Free bookmarks!!!!!!  My youngest daughter has a collection.

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