Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things I Like About March

1. My husband's birthday, without him I would be very lonely.  I am so thankful that he is my husband.

2. My youngest daughter, Punkinbug, has a birthday this month also.  She is a joy to have around and smart as a whip.

3. Spring Break, a whole week that I don't have to make the "school run".

4. The grass starts to peek out of the ground.  Those little pieces of green give me hope that winter is almost over.

5. March Madness, I love watching some unknown team bring down a big name.  There is always a Cinderella team that comes out of nowhere.

6. Melting snow.

7. Taking the kids to the park.

8. Warmer weather

9. Knowing that I won't see -5 degrees for at least 8 months

10. 31 days in the month gives me more time to knit.

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