Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Month = New Post

Well, I have to admit that I am glad that June is over. I was stopped in my tracks last week with some earache thing that I am extremely glad is over. I really didn't get much knitting done last month either, which I guess is another reason for being glad that June is over.

I did finish spinning this.

Which became this.
248 yards of fingering weight yarn in Gale's Art Fiber's Black BFL in the Grape Vine colorway. I think it might become this or this. (Ravelry Links) The colors are more accurate in the above photo compared to the finished yarn photo.

I am STILL working on the Mockery socks. I really have no idea why they are taking me so long. I like the pattern and I love the yarn. I guess I just haven't had much motivation to work on them since I won't be wearing them until the fall. I have finished the first one and I am on the leg of the second one. Hopefully they will be done soon.

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tonni said...

Beautiful spinning! Both of the options would loook great!