Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fun in the Sun

My wonderful husband had a day off today. Those don't come very often around these parts. So I thought I would share some of the things we did today with some pictures of the kids thrown in. First, he got up, and drove to get me breakfast at McDonald's and a Frappaucino. (These are some of the flowers that I planted after we finished the remodeling the flowerbeds, I think they are looking pretty good.)

For lunch, I made him home made pizza. While I was making the pizza Wonderful Husband and the kids washed the cars. (Cars= 1 Van, 1 Truck, and 1 Economy Car that helps our gas budget tremendously since the truck is a gas hog.) Punkinbug after she played in the sprinkler. Thanks again, dear, for washing the van and doing the windows.

A Punkin still playing in the sprinkler. She didn't want to stop playing but since she gets sunburned easily I had to make her. I actually ran through there with her a few times and I forgot how much fun it was.

And what would a Fun in the Sun post be without a picture of the Little Buddy. I thought this was an awfully cute picture of him.

On a knitting note, the yarn from yesterday didn't become either one of those projects but it is in the process of becoming something else that I am pretty excited about. (That is a Minnesota accent "about".)


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great way to spend a day off! And the sprinkler looks like tons of fun!

Sigrun said...

I love it when you post with the kids. Like I said before, my kids and even the grandkids grew up too fast. I'm retired from teaching, so now I have to enjoy other people's kids. They're sooooo cute.