Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday's are for Spinning

Well, at least this one was. I have been doing pretty well with my participation of the Tour de Fleece. I have spun yesterday and today. My goal is to finish the spinning project I am working on and then spin 8 more ounces of fiber. I am hoping to get sock yarn out of all three of them. Yesterday, I finished the second bobbin and started the third. Today, I finished the third bobbin. I am spinning this into six bobbins total since I split the fiber in half and then split the halves into thirds. I should end up with two skeins that I can use to make a pair of socks.

On a totally non spinning or knitting note does anyone know why my photos get turned the wrong way sometimes??? I didn't mean for this photo to be vertical like it is, it was supposed to be horizontal.


tonni said...

Very impressive!!! You'll be finished way before the end of the race!

Anonymous said...

i have no clue with blogger, it was way to complicated for me and that's why I use wordpress. Granted blogger seemed complicated to me because there was reading involved ;)
However, your bobbins look beautiful! Love that bright color.

Sigrun said...

It makes me want to try spinning. Actually a nearby blogger ordered a new spinning wheel, and said I could come to her place to try it. Can't wait. Now to figure out where to find the time if it turns out I like it.