Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spinning and Knitting

Well, I have picked up my sweater again. We went and saw the new Star Trek movie last week so I took it with me since it was knitting I could do in the dark. I have to admit I didn't get much knitting done on due to the movie being really good and I dropped a stitch and couldn't get it back on the needles in the theater. I will admit I fixed the stitch in the ladies room where I could see after the movie was over.

This is my new spinning project I started last week. I can't tell you how much I love this fiber which is Gale's Art Black BFL in the Grape Vine colorway. I want a sweater out of this fiber really bad.

This is what I finished spinning before I started the yarn for the Meret that I made. This is Bonkers superwash merino in Calendula. It reminds me of Kansas City Chiefs so I am thinking of making it into socks for Sunday's this fall. I ended up with just a little over 400 yards of a three ply out of four ounces. I think I have finally made it to spinning for socks.

Punkinbug had a knitting lesson today and my Punkin is asking for them also. Here is Punkin holding my sweater this evening when I was taking pictures of it. I just hope if I teach them to knit they won't get in my stash.


Linda said...

Hah!!! A house full of knitters. Awesome!

Sigrun said...

hi, Robin. I'm still keen on trying to learn to spin, but am wondering if there is a lot of loose fluff and dander when you spin?

Guinifer said...

Didn't Star Trek just rock?

Yep - I'd write off the stash if those girlies start in.

Anonymous said...

*L* I know what you mean! I was scared for my stash when Corra asked to learn, she has been knitting the same washcloth for 3-4 years now!
Lovely spinning girl! Love those colors, great looking sweater too.