Tuesday, January 06, 2009


My spinning wheel has been neglected the last few weeks. It has sat quietly in it's nice padded bag just waiting for me to spend some time with it.

This is the fiber that I finished up before it had to go into hiding back in the bag. I am still overspinning some. The overspinning is frustrating, but I am hoping to get more practice and hopefully fix that problem.

This is the fiber that I started spinning before I put the wheel away. I am thinking this wheel needs a name. I also spun on it this afternoon for a bit. I always forget how much I enjoy spinning. The color is called English Garden and I had 8 ounces of it when I started.

I am still working on the Mountain Monkeys. I think my obsession might be over with the Monkey pattern now. It may have something to do with having to knit this second sock twice, huh??? I am working on the heel flap and I am going to try to get them finished up in the next couple of days.


BammerKT said...

Overspinning is normal! You will get there with practice. Hope that doesn't keep you away from your wheel. That blue stuff is soooooo pretty.

tonni said...

Poor wheel... it is so neglected. Has it told you its name yet? Mine is Fred :)

Still working on my second monkeys also. DD keeps asking about them because they are supposed to be hers.

Linda said...

I've just never had the urge to name my wheels. Don't know why - maybe if I used them a little more regularly or something...