Thursday, January 22, 2009

Done and Begun

Done.I have FINALLY finished the Mountain Monkeys. They only took me the better part of six weeks and knitting one of one and a half times. When I started these I just needed to do this pattern again for some reason. I think I am over that now.

Begun. Since I finished the other pair of course I had to cast on another pair. I am knitting the Carolina, Last Queen of Naples socks. I am using Scarlet Fleece in the Bird of Paradise colorway. I am sure these will help with the winter blues too.

We have had a couple of nice days and that has helped alot. If more of winter was like yesterday and today, I don't think I would mind winter so much.

I am still working on the Sick and Tired of Winter scarf. I had to do some tinking but it is back on track. I am a third to halfway done with the yarn that I have so I am not sure how long it will be. I am excited to finish it though.


Guinifer said...

...and you are managing to find time to post about it all, which is much better than I am doing.

Linda said...

Yippee!!! Done sox are GOOD!

trek said...

While I think that Monkeys and similar socks look cool, I just can't take the texture in my shoe!

They look very nice.

Anonymous said...

your mountain monkeys look fantastic! good for you for persevering. Lovely start on your pink socks. I hear ya, I'm sick of winter too. its been tooo cold! Just a little warmer please!