Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did You Know????

That -8 is really cold. Not quite STUPID COLD, but still really cold nonetheless. I think we might hit stupid cold really soon.

That the best way to combat really cold weather is to cast on another project. I finished the Branching Out Scarf so I rewarded myself with casting on my Sick of Winter Clapotis. I just started it this afternoon. I don't really care if it doesn't go with anything I own but I have decided it is better than white. Snow is white and snow is cold. Enough said.

That you can buy whole bags of the Green M&M's. No Janice, you can't have them to stick in the microwave. Wonder if what they say about them is true??? Anyway, every girl needs chocolate in times like these. Living in a deep freeze.


Janice said...

I have a clapotis ready to cast on... And the yarn I chose doesn't match a thing either. :-) Does it matter?
It is true what they say about green M&M's and they would be much tastier if you nuked 'em for just a bit. Just sayin'

trek said...

Whole bags full of almost any color!

Guinifer said...

Where did you get that huge bag of green m&m's? I'm sure that would keep me warm!