Sunday, March 02, 2008


is for a DETAINED and DELAYED post. I am a DAY behind on my ABC Along post so please forgive me.

It seems like I have been busy but I DON'T really have much to show for it. I have been bitten by the DYEING bug as this picture will show. I used some food coloring and it was lots of fun. It is fun to come up with stuff that is all mine and no one else will have anything like it.

This is some of the wool that I got when I ordered my wheel. It is a Corridale cross I think and it is called Vineyard. I am thinking of spinning it up for a shawl knitalong but I am not sure. I DO have some yarn that I have spun but I haven't washed it yet and I think it looks better after it has had a bath.

D is also for DISTRESS. Buddy was not very happy with me so I had to share this one. Before the picture was taken he pointed his finger at me and told me "DAT'S not nice". I am sure you will survive not getting another piece of cheese.


Anonymous said...

oooh pretty fiber. Careful, dyeing is at least as addictive as knitting and spinning. My poor wallet. PS I meme tagged you. Check my blog. Do I need to apologize or duck now?

Em said...

Nice dye job! I love the colors! My son will hang on the fridge handle and wail at the top of his lungs when I refuse to get him 'mo' (more) of whatever fruit he's already eaten a full bowl of!

Linda said...

You're right - I NEED vineyard!

Poor Buddy...what did you do to him?