Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stoles, Spinning, and Using the Snowblower

Clue 5 is finished. I am working on Clue 6 now. I hope to get this done soon. I am behind. Clue 8 will be out on Friday morning but I am not sure that I can get two clues done in two days especially since a little girl is having a birthday tomorrow.

I haven't had a chance to spin since Sunday but I can show you what I spent hours working on over the weekend. I finished up four ounces of the Corridale top that I got when I bought my wheel. I got about three hundred yards when it was all spun and plied. I am still learning but I see improvement already. WOO HOO!!!!!
This picture is before I washed it.

This last picture is both of the hanks after they were washed. I am really happy with them. I am not sure what to make with it but I will make something. Maybe a scarf or neck wrap. You can always use one of those in Minnesota.

We got snow overnight. We didn't get very much but it was more than I really wanted to shovel so I used the snowblower. I did all by myself and I hope my husband will appreciate it. I even did the sidewalk for the kids going to school.


tonni said...

Your hand spun looks wonderful! I'm impressed with the amount of yardage you spun out of 4 ounces!

Anonymous said...

you've been spinning up a storm, girl! looks great

Anonymous said...

I hope the birthday was great all day long. The stole and the spinning are outstanding!