Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well not much but Dishcloths

I have been knitting but it seems like all I want to knit is dishcloths. I have made 7 since a little before Christmas. I have also frogged the sock I have been working on four times. I am thinking this yarn is jinxed. Or maybe just stubborn. I posted a picture of my current dishcloth and my next attempt at turning this yarn into a sock.
I have also been reading for the library's Winter Reading Program. I am trying to see if I can read 100 books this year. I have read three so far so I am on track. I hope I can continue to find books that I want to read.
The other two pictures are of the little boy that stole my heart about a year ago, our little boy, Benjamin. He is learning to walk with his push toy. He gets pretty frustrated when he gets stuck though. He must get that from his dad.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's. Take care and many blessings to all in the New Year.

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Janice said...

100 books!! Wow! That is awesome. Whenever I sit to read I fall asleep..... I envy you!! LIttle Benjamin is Adorable!! I so remember the frustration that came before each new stage (crawling; walking; talking etc...)