Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sock and Dishcloths

One of the girls on Knitting Help was talking about how many miles of sock yarn she had. I have very little compared to her but it was fun to see how much sock yarn I had and put it all together to take a picture of it. I have roughly 3.5 miles of sock yarn with about 3/4 of a mile on the way, thanks to the Loopy Ewe and Lisa Souza.

I have also discovered that I have alot of dishcloth yarn. I think it is another addiction such as sock yarn is for me. So I decided to show you my meager stash of both.

I am also trying to hold myself accountable for having a "quiet time" every day so I am going to add that in daily or as often as I post. I did have my quiet time this morning. I am trying to read through the Bible in a year and I am following the chart in the back of my Bible. I read the end of Chapter 8 in Matthew this morning and this evening I will read a couple of chapters in Genesis.

Have a great day and Happy Knitting.


Linda said...

Sock yarn. We loooooves sock yarn.

I refuse to even try to get the mileage on mine. There are three or four bins full. I won't embarass myself that way.

Janice said...

Just think of the miles of enjoyment you will get knitting all that fun yarn :-)
You will have to get to the Loopy Ewe someday.... Imagine hundreds of skeins surrounding you.... It's dizzying :-) (in a good way!!!)