Friday, January 19, 2007

It Just isn't Going to Get Done!!!!!

I have resigned myself that the sweater, I was hoping to get done before we left this weekend, isn't going to be done. I do have the sleeves finished and I am now working on the body of the sweater. I am about four and half inches into it. Hopefully I will finish it soon. No worries, knitting is the journey not the finished product.

I have posted pictures of the girls before but thought I should add another since Benjamin got some blog time. They were playing Wonder Pets the other night and I had to take a picture of them in their "costumes". The visor on Emily's head is her "princess crown". I have also finished another book in my journey to read 100 books this year. If you like mysteries and crossword puzzles I would recommend the Puzzle Lady series written by Parnell Hall. I have enjoyed all of them. I have also been reading my Bible daily. I have read 12 days in a row now. I am trying to make this a daily habit and wonderful husband says that my mood is better.


linda said...

Hope you have a great trip. Be safe.

100 books??? Holy cow, I'm a prolific reader and I don't read that many.

Janice said...

100 books...I cannot even imagine! When I sit down to read, I fall asleep. It takes me months to get through a book!
I'm also trying to read through the Bible in a year.... already a little behind but still plugging away...
Loved the picture of the girls :-)