Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

At least here in Minnesota. We have had a large range of weather here this week, Thursday was almost 90 and yesterday it was 41. I kind of wish the weather would make up it's mind already. Since Spring is here that means that grass is growing so I mowed for the first time this afternoon, actually I just finished.

I have been working on my handspun shawl today. I have almost done a whole repeat today which is saying something considering the rows are getting pretty long. I think it is turning out pretty good so far. I am hoping to have this done soon.


Linda said...

That shawl looks amazing!

Sigrun said...

Your shawl is so pretty--makes me think of a giant raspberry--I'm going to get some raspberries out of the freezer. Check out my "spring" picture on my second, new blog.

Rebecca in CO said...

What shawl pattern are you using? The colors are pretty. And, I can't believe there is green grass somewhere! I'm longing for something green other than evergreens!