Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Feet

There is a little girl in Kindergarten today with very happy feet. I finished up these socks for the Punkinbug yesterday. She wasn't feeling very good so I think they cheered her up a little bit. Her older sister, Punkin, is wearing the pair I made for her today too. It is great that my girls like handmade socks.

I had a gift certificate from the Loopy Ewe that I was having a hard time spending. When I get a gift certificate I usually wait until I am sure that I can get something really good or a very good deal. This is the haul from that gift certificate. Five bumps (or whatever you call the way roving is put up) of Gales Art Fibers Black BFL aka Spinners Crack. From left to right, Stormy Sea, Grape Vine, Gum Ball, Deep Blue Sea, and Proud Peacock. Now I just have to decide which to spin first.


BammerKT said...

It's wonderful to have someone appreciate your knits! And both your girls do!

You're very lucky, but I think you already knew.

Sigrun said...

Nice socks! Your girls are lucky. An older blog mentioned that you have been blessed with three children. Besides Punkin and Punkinbug, who's the third? About trying fair isle--I'd love to be your mentor when you decide to try it. I have some lovely Debbie Bliss patterns........