Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter (there is Knitting Content)

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends. I am so thankful for a Savior that was willing to die on a cross for me. The best part is He came back to life how amazing that is to me. I hope all of you are having a great day.

I started a shawl out of my Raspberry Bonkers fiber. It is moving along rather quickly. I am not sure quite how big I am going to make it but I think I will really
enjoy it once it is done. I also have a couple of dresses that will go with it for church which I think is pretty cool.

I finished some spinning this week. This is some Gales Art BFL, I really like this fiber ALOT. It was so easy to spin and the colors that she comes up with are amazing. I already have more of her fiber on a bobbin already.

In an effort to use up some of my stash I dug out this Cascade Fixation to make a pair of anklets. I am not sure if I should rip them out and start over with more stitches since when I tried them on it looks like ribbing and I am not sure how comfortable that would be to walk on. I did have some success with a short row heel though.

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Sigrun said...

Amen to the Wonder of Easter. It sure puts my aches and pains and problems into perspective.

I'll look forward to seeing your shawl completed.
About the anklets--do they stay up? They're cute.