Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Keep Knitting or Not

That is what I tell myself when I am getting worried that I have no idea what I am doing. I will admit that sweater knitting freaks me out just a little. I started that sleeve and noticed that if I kept knitting I would have sleeves that went passed my elbows and I didn't really want that. This is a Henley T-shirt pattern after all. I decided to stop a little shorter of where that pattern said to go. It also said or until you reach desired length so I went with that option. I think it is turning out okay so far. This is a picture of the first sleeve done. I also have the collar done so only the other sleeve and the neck opening placket are making me nervous at this point. Hopefully I will have it finished soon.

I am still working on the second of the North Carolina socks. I am in the process of turning the heel. I was actually working on it as I waited for the pictures in this post to upload to blogger. I should have these knocked out in the next few days.

"Sometimes watching Mom knit is just too much work. I think I am tired and will take a snooze." ----Little Buddy

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Linda said...

Hah - you should give yourself more credit.