Saturday, July 05, 2008

Swingsets and Spinning

This week has been pretty busy. We got back from vacation on Tuesday and then my husband's family came in on Thursday for a short visit. My father in law was nice enough to buy the kids a swingset. They spent part of Thursday night and most of yesterday (okay they went and played golf about 4:00 yesterday afternoon) to put it together.

I will post the whole progress of it when it is all finished. My husband and I will have to finish it since they didn't get it done before they left. Maybe this little helper was a reason why it didn't get done but he sure enjoyed "Hewlping"

I have been spinning more than knitting lately. I actually haven't really had much time this week to do either but I spent alot of my vacation plying this together. It took FOREVER. I love spinning yarn fine but it sure takes a long time to ply together. I got about 390 yards of it and I really like it.

This will be my next spinning project. This is some Merino/Tencel I picked up on my vacation. I have never spun this fiber before so it should be interesting.

This is some roving that I dyed up before vacation. I am hoping to get to it soon but I have lots of spinning to do. I still need to find some projects for my handspun. I am just not sure what to do with them yet.

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