Monday, December 03, 2007

Hey Hey it's a Monkey

I am probably the very last person in the knitting world that has not knit this sock. I am obsessed. I couldn't put it down most of the weekend. I had to for a little while because my arm started hurting from knitting on it so much. I really like this pattern and it looks so neat in just about any yarn. I am using the Knit Picks Memories in Fly Fishing. I cast it on Thursday night.

I also dug out a UFO out of the yarn box. It is the Branching Out scarf from Knitty. I didn't realize that I was about 30 percent done with it. I am hoping to finish it this week. We shall see.

As you can tell tell from the first picture, we managed to get out Christmas tree up over the weekend. I am a little irritated because one of the strings of lights are not lighting properly. Hopefully we will figure it out next year. I didn't want to take the time to figure it out this year.

We had snow and ice over the weekend so all plans were cancelled we stayed home for the most part. I am so not ready for winter this year for some reason. I want the pretty 70 degree weather back.


YarnDork said...

You are not alone. I haven't made a monkey yet either. I tried, but kept getting ladders when my needle change was at a bunch of purls. Haven't had the courage yet to try it again.

Linda said...

I hate it when I knit myself into pain - don't forget to take breaks! And the dreaded ice pack/bag of frozen peas can help too.

Projects look great!

Janice said...

Don't you LOVE the monkey socks? It is by far my favorite pattern to date. (Not that I've done that many patterns.....) Your looks great! So, did you get a wheel??????? We need to be in this spinning thing together I think!

Rebecca said...

Yep, those Monkey Socks are pretty addicting....I know, since I have now hosted three Monkey Sock Swaps with over 100 participants.

Maybe we should knit mini Monkey Sock tree ornaments!