Friday, January 04, 2013

Happiness and Heartbreak

A back and two front pieces equal happiness.

 Correctly doing the decreases on the back pieces also equal happiness

 Screwing up the decreases on the two front pieces equals heartbreak.

Still having to knit the two sleeves, button bands and collar also equals heartbreak.


Sarah Young said...

I've done two sleeves and 2 inches of the back ribbing but I don't understand the decrease. When I follow the pattern with k2,k2tog, and then pick up rib pattern I have five purls in a row on the next row. Then it says continue in pattern established. What do I do?

Sarah Young said...

I'm having trouble with the decrease in the back rib. When it says continue in pattern as established does it mean 2x2 rib or the pattern after decrease which gives me 5 purls in a row?