Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Knits

I knit a couple of pairs of Camp Out Fingerless Mitts since the last time I posted.   I knit the darker pair in less than a day.  Those were knit from some handspun.  

The second pair took me a little longer. They would have been done really quick as well but I didn't knit on them all weekend.  I just used some yarn from my stash to knit those.  I think the girls like them.  I am considering making myself a pair but I may tweak it a little to add a little shaping to the arm.

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Denise said...

I've been thinking about fingerless mitts lately. I actually bought a fun pair of fingerless gloves in KY while I was visiting. Did you know I found an awesome yarn shop in the same building as my favorite book store in KY? I thought that a very nice coincidence. Now that I know it is there I will plan time to go knit there just because I can :-)