Wednesday, May 19, 2010


or why I think Cat Bordhi is a genius?  Those were the choices for the title of this post.  Once again, I have knit a pair of socks using the New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  I knit these socks toe up using the Coriolis master pattern.  I also discovered that I enjoy toe up socks when you have the "toe" that you really like.  I used the Pontoon toe and it was very easy for me to accomplish.  I also was able to do a "heel flap" heel.
Some of the pluses for doing toe ups for me was not having to sew the toe together at the end (which I really don't mind but I don't always like the points on the ends of my toes), no picking up the gusset stitches (I pretty much always mess this up and have to do it over at least once),  and that it was easier to try it on as I was working on them.  I think I will be knitting more toe up socks and trying other pathways in the book.  I would like to try knitting a pair for someone else using their numbers.

Summer Melons Coriolis Socks
Started May 11, 2010
Finished May 17, 2010
Needles KnitPicks Options DPN's size 3's
Yarn 220 yards of 3 ply handspun from a Gale's Art Corridale Sibling in the Summer Melons colorway.


Lisa Kay said...

Love the socks and the handspun. And what a cute little helper. As you say, too bad we do not live closer...

Lisa Kay

trek said...

Cat thinks in non-linear paths!