Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Transformation of Purple Spaghetti

Doesn't that title sound like some wonderful piece of literature that every high school student (Teen) should read before they go off to college???

After many a moon of working with the incredibly long piece of purple spaghetti, I have bid goodbye to it.  It was a wonderful relationship and I shawl miss it dearly. (Pardon the really bad pun)

The purple spaghetti became a beautiful five course meal.  I am so glad that it reached it's full potential.

North Roe Shawl
Started January 4, 2010
Finished April 19, 2010
Needles US 6 Knitpicks Harmony circular
655 yards of Cascade Alpaca Lace in Thistle


tonni said...

WOW! This turned out beautiful!!!!

Guinifer said...

That's HUGE!

Linda said...