Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have I Created a Monster????

Punkinbug decided on Sunday that she wanted to learn to knit. I let her knit a little on a scarf that I was knitting for my sister.  The next morning she wanted me to dig out the yarn and needles that I bought for her a while back.  Yesterday while the agent was showing our house, the hubby took the kids to dinner.  Punkinbug took her knitting.

In the previous post, I showed my experiment spinning.
This is the end of my experiment.  It is around 266 yards of merino/bamboo/silk.  I think it turned out AWESOME.   I am so excited to find something to knit with it.  I think maybe a cowl or a skinny scarf of some sort.


Michelle said...

Yay for a knew Knitter budding!

Lisa Kay said...

Mitchell says he wants to learn to knit, but he isn't quite ready yet (at four years old). A friend of mine who own a LYS says they usually need to be eight. I can't wait!