Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When Knitting Fails You

You resort to spinning.  I started a new sock project with some hand spun that I finished last year.  I am trying different Cat Bordhi patterns from New Pathways for Sockknitters with my handspun sock yarn since most of them are toe up patterns and I can use up most of the yarn that way.

You start a new spinning project.  I am trying to turn this into a 3 ply worsted weight yarn.  I don't usually try to spin like that but we will see what I get.  The color is Aquarius from a dyer somewhere in Iowa.

 Last but not least, you fondle pretty new hand spun yarn.  This is the yarn that I intend to make a scarf for my sister with but I really like how it turned out so I am a little tempted to keep it for myself.  What do you think, would you keep it?  I am thinking this yarn would make a good Argosy.


Lisa Kay said...


I really like the first one. It makes me think of watermelon. As far as keeping the one for an Argosy... well, if your sister reads your blog, she may be keeping tabs... :)

attison grove said...

pretty sure it should be made into a scarf for your sister, especially if it's your oldest sister