Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knitting Catastrophe

I hate it when I hear the voice in my head that says something is not quite right.  I usually listen to it but for some reason I totally ignored it this time.  When I tried this sock on after I completed turning the heel it was a little big.  I thought it is going to be okay. I 'll just keep going it isn't that bad.

I finally had to listen to it yesterday when these
big bumps were on top of the foot.  I just don't see how that would be comfortable in my shoe.  So I decided yesterday to frog this sock.  Which is sad because I loved how it was knitting up.  I am now debating to try again in a smaller size or just start a totally new sock with new yarn and pattern.


Guinifer said...

Sometimes I find you just have to knit the foot of your sock in stockinette. Foo on the pattern!

trek said...

Oh. My. I LOVE that sock. What's the yarn?