Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Gets in the Way

It has been crazy busy around here.  I have been knitting but all my projects seem to have been slow going.  Technically, I haven't finished anything all year.  The knitting of the  sweater for the Punkinbug was actually finished in December.  I have joined the Ten Shawls in 2010.  I have been plugging away on the first one.  I am on the second chart of three.  I have become more proficient in fixing lace knitting mistakes on this one which I am happy about.

Friday night was the beginning of the Olympics, therefore I needed some Knitting Olympics knitting.  I started the Citron shawl from Knitty.  I am using some Malabrigo Lace in Azul Bolita.  This yarn is so yummy and soft.  I am already trying to think of other projects I can use this yarn for.  This shawl is going pretty quick but I still have the longest rows to go.

A week ago Friday, I had planned to take the kids to movie night at school so I needed knitting that I could work on during a movie.  We didn't go for some reason but I still had a sock started.  I am making the Burning Rings of Fire socks in some Zen Yarn Garden.  This sock has saved my nerves some in the the last week or so.  The colors are a little washed out in this photo but I will get better pictures when the socks are done. 


trek said...

I was just surfing Ravelry trying to decide on a pattern for a sweater - time for a big project, here, too.

Love your blues.

Guinifer said...

I made a pair of the Burning Rings socks, boy are they funky looking when they are done. Much less weird after I blocked them.

Sigrun said...

I would consider your goals pretty ambitious. What with youngsters, etc. I wish I could get as much done. I'm better at starting than at being done. Hugs to the little ones.